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2020 Speakers/ Workshops

Chiropractor, Nutritionist, AK at 

Health by Design FL

As a leader in nutrition & chiropractic care among other things, Dr. Kristy will be with us discussing tips on the importance of perinatal and postnatal nutrition and how that effects our minds & bodies as we transition into motherhood. 

Sharon Schmidt

Licensed Midwife

As a licensed Midwife, Sharon has provided medical care for Jacksonville area birthing families for over 22 years. Believing that it's a privilege to be present for a birth, she is noted as a local expert in her field. Sharon will be with us to discuss the benefits of out of hospital birth and home birth! 

Alina Cararat

International Certified Baby Care Specialist 

As an experienced certified newborn care specialist, lactation counselor, and pediatric sleep consultant. Her passion for baby sleep can be traced back to her days as a new mother where she spent countless sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get her son to sleep without letting him cry-it-out. She made it her mission to learn the science and techniques for better sleep. Since then, she has mastered the art of ‘drowsy but awake’ and has been helping families across the country meet their sleep and breastfeeding goals. 

Catherine Simms

The Florida Children's Institute

As CEO of the Florida Children’s Institute, Catherine has had the opportunity to provide services to improve the lives of children and families dealing with behavior and learning problems. Seeking to serve individuals with a wide range of needs, regardless of severity or diagnosis.

Dr. Cristina Padilla

Thrive Family Chiropractic

As a chiropractor, Dr. Cristina has had the privilege of  serving the Jacksonville community for years with mobile care for the entire family. Specializing in prenatal, postnatal & children's chiropractic care Dr. Cristina will be with us speaking on ways chiropractic care can benefit your pregnancy and postpartum period as well as through the early years of childhood.

Carrie Libby

Retired, Home Schooling Teacher

As a mom and teacher, Carrie enjoys teaching others how to experience learning through play! She will be with us to share her wisdom on the impact of play and reading on a child’s long term learning and why play is not only beneficial for the very young!

Heather Horrell

Grow Family Yoga

As owner of the Grow Family Yoga Studio, Heather has seen the benefits of yoga on the mind and body from early childhood, through pregnancy and beyond! She will be with us to share a mini yoga session with tips for you, whether you are a newcomer or pro! 

Carol-Ann Rademeyer

CNM, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

All the way from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Carol completed her studies at Philadelphia University, and has been practicing midwifery for 18 years.  As the mother of identical twin girls, she has a special understanding of the emotional journey of carrying a high risk pregnancy. Carol will be with us to talk about VBAC's & Gentle Cesareans! 

GroovaRoo Florida

GroovaRoo Florida

GroovaRoo Florida is a babywearing dance group that strives to create a safe, sacred & soulful bonding experience for you & your child through movement and dance! Elizabeth will be with us to teach us the benefits of dancing with our children to encourage a bonding relationship!

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